1/6th Scale Figures

- I collect highly detailed 1/6 scale, or 12 inch (30cm) figures, made of characters from various movies, video games, comics, cartoons or other sources. These figures features real fabric outfits/costumes and often real metal parts, though most "metal details" are often replicated in plastic. Their head sculpts are often captured in a highly realistic image of the famous actors and characters they portrait, and often come with a wide range of (equaliy detailed) accessories for display purposes.

Though you can find all kinds of 1/6 scale figures, I usually only get those who depict characters that comes from comics, movies, tv shows or games I loved while growing up. I love collecting these for their scale and the use of actual real fabrics onto a body, and not being just simple, sculpted plastic figures with paint. Even the hair on some of their head sculpts are "real", instead of just being sculpted, and some head sculpts even have posable eyes as well. They look very nice on display, and especially with the correct light settings. I have a few in my collection, and I have uploaded some video reviews on them on my YouTube channel.
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