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- Miscellaneous Video Game Figures -
Scorpion Sub-Zero Kung Lao Chun-Li Cammy
Ada Wong Link Nathan Drake Disguiser Ezio Auditore
Edward Kenway Altaïr Ibn-La´Ahad Tiixij Connor Davenport Shay Patrick Cormac
Bayek Mentor E. Auditore
- Miscellaneous Movie Figures -
Jean-Claude Léon Bruce Lee Indiana Jones Prince Dastan
Van Damme
Chris Taylor Sergeant Barnes T-800 T-1000 Eric Draven
- Predator/Alien/AVP Figures -
Classic Predator City Hunter Predator Alien Warrior Scar Predator Celtic Predator
- Superhero Figures -
Batman Joker Superman Spider-Man New Goblin
Iron Man Thor Hulk Wolverine
Mark IV
- The Walking Dead TV Show Figures -
Rick Grimes Michonne Glenn Rhee Daryl Dixon Merle Dixon
Twin Pet Zombies Negan Carl Grimes
- Masters Of The Universe Figures -
He-Man Skeletor Mer-Man Man-At-Arms
- Phicen/TBLeague Figures -
Lady Death Lady Domino Spartan Goddess Vampirella Kier
Of War First Sword Of Death
Cowgirl Gethsemoni Imperial Guardian
The Dead Queen
- Miscellaneous Figures -
Synthetic Human Jeerer Zombie SS Zombie SS Anubis
Officer Kruger PVT Jakob
Judge Dredd Reloaded Infantry Colin Powell Viking V Moshe Dayan
Queen Of The
Dark Spider
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