The Transformers Masterpiece

- The Transformers was a TV show I grew up with as a kid, as well as having a few figures from in the 80´s. Robots that could transform into vehicles and object and hide in plain sight from the humans. The good guys, the Autobots, usually transformed into civillian and frendly alt modes, while the bad Decepticons took on the form of military vehicles and weaponized alt modes. These two factions battled each other all the time. The Depecticons war for total domination versus the brave Autobots defending the humans and the planet Earth. Not did these robots only spawn just a TV show, a cartoon movie and a line of transforming toys back in the 80´s, but they also made way for some live action movies and brand new toylines over 30 years later.

The Transformers Masterpiece line is a high quality, highly detailed and very improved engineered versions of the original The Transformers characters as they appeared in the early cartoons. I collect these because I simply had such an attachment to this show as a kid, and they look very impressive on display. You can watch my showcase videos on all of my The Transformers Masterpiece figures on my YouTube channel.
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