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- Hi, and welcome!

Im a collector, born in he 1980´s, and I´ve had a passion for figures my whole life. I love creating and crafting stuff and express myself through art, and with this website I wish to share as much of my hobbies as possible!

Make sure to bookmark this site to your favorites to keep up on the latest in my collection and the rest of the fun!
- I mostly collect 1/6th scale figure representations of movie, tv show, comics and videogame characters, and The Transformers Masterpiece figures from both the 80´s cartoon/tv show and the more recent live action movies.

I also collect some figures from a few other toylines too, as well as various other videogame and movie related items. I´ve always loved exciting characters and figures, and I have been collecting since about 2008 or so. I have a whole room dedicated to my collection, and most of my figures are displayed in detolfs.
- I used to work as a graphic designer and my job was to design posters, covers, ads, business profiles, and much more. My tools were a laptop, a designer software and a horde of printers. It was a nice job for me, because I´ve always loved expressing myself artisticly through art.

My website will contain artwork exclusive to this site.
- On my YouTube channel I review the items in my collection, as well as doing a little vlogging and uploading other fun videos.

I created the channel to have a place to upload my videos and share the passion of collecting with like-minded people all over the world.

Please check out the channel and subscribe for reviews on my collectibles and other fun stuff. Its easy and its free!
- The Renderosity Art Community website hosts art from a lot of different genres and artists. I upload most of my artwork to this site to share it with other artists around the world.

Please take your time to visit my Renderosity profile for more artwork.
- If you have any questions about what I do or related to the work on my homepage, then please feel free to make contact.

I hope you´ve enjoyed the website, and have a nice day!


Svein R.

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