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# 001
"Why I Buildt A Website
And Why I Chose This Name"
(Published: May 23rd, 2019)
- The story behind why I chose the name "eSeReS" for my website, dates back to when I first started to work with web-design many years ago.

- At the time I worked as a graphic designer, and amongst the tools I had to work with, there was a web designer software that I never had tried before. I had absolutely no use of it in relation to my actual job, but it was a part of my graphic designer software pack none the less.

- One day I simply decided to have a look at the software and play around with it, and I discovered that it was fairly easy to use. I only need a very basic understanding of what "HTML" was and how to use it, to be able to create web documents. Eventually the individual sites were linked together and I moved over to create multi-paged online documents, and later I ended up building websites.

- Creating a website/homepage became a little more advanced, and I soon caught a great interest in web-design. To take it to the next level, sort of speak, I had to create my own domain. A domain is essential for hosting a website, and there are many web hotels to choose from. I needed a domain of my own so that I could be able to upload, or publish the websites I'd created just to see if and how it actually worked.

- When I was going to register my domain I had to come up with a name for it. To be able to use my homepage name for various different themes or projects, I had to select one that wasn't too theme specific. First off, I tried using just my own initials alone, but "" sounded so short, not to mention being an airbag brand for cars. So that didn't quite work out. I really wanted something easy to remember and something that worked at a international level as well.

- So, I comtinued to play around with my initials, and then tried mixing in some other letters too. At the end I figured out that the letter "e" seemed to vocally sound the best, and just like that, I ended up with the name (or brand), eSeReS.

- With the purchase of my now registered domain name,, I also had to create the graphics. Now! I already were a graphic designer by profession, so this was back on known territory for me. Banners, logos and designs had to be thought of and designed.

- The letter "E" became my icon, along with the choice of the colors black and white. Black and white is meant to create a contrast and to symbolize being different, as well as being a plain and simple design basics to build on later.

- I now had a domain and a server to upload my website projects onto, and I had multiple versions and different topics that I played around with while designing quite a lot of sites. In the end, I landed on the idea of turning my homepage into a personal social media online profile.

- The eSeReS homepage have been through a few versions and updates since the start. Over the years I have joined various of other online communities, and I have included some of them into my social media profile as extensions, and kept the homepage itself as the reference point of my profile.

- The intent of the homepage, is to be able to post contents that doesn't work on other sites. Using the media-player on Youtube and posting my videos there is much more convenient, and the Renderosity Art Community page is the more proper place for uploading my artwork. Other things I intend to post on the homepage itself, is my collection, blogs and other projects.

- I chose english as language to be able to share and connect with as many people as possible. Now the website has become sort of my "calling card", if you will. By just sharing the name of the website, people can in a very simple way navigate through the contents I choose to upload, both at this website itself, as well as on other social medias I tend to.

And thats how the story of the online social media profile eSeReS began.

I hope that you enjoyed my very first blog ever, and thank you for reading!

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