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"Why I Collect
The Transformers Masterpiece Figures"
(Published: June 6th, 2019)
- The Transformers Masterpiece, is a Takara Tomy toy brand of high quality figures based on the original cartoons, with the collectors in mind. These figures are developed with impressive engineering and with a great attention to details and the likeness to their screen appearances. These figures are aboslutely not toys, which is reflected by their complexity, as well as also being very expensive. These figures are mostly being collected by people who grew up in the 80´s/90´s that are fans of the franchise.
- When I was a kid back in the 1980's, I used to watch the cartoons on tv at my friend's house, and we used to play with a lot simpler version of these transforming figures. Within just a few steps you had transformed your robot into some sort of a vehicle, weapon or device. The Transformers toys, comics and shows were just one of the many brands around in the 80's, but it was a very popular one especially amongst the boys.
- The earliest age of The Transformers toy era, from which it all started, is known as the "Generation 1", and is where the inspiration for The Transformers Masterpiece toyline comes from. The toyline has been "re-booted" in the Masterpiece line at least once since the start, with the most obvious of change being the scale of the figures. With the toyline and its new scale we also got better engineering and new versions of the first releases. Soon The Transformers Beast Wars sub-toyline was also included in the Masterpiece brand as well.
- As a big fan of the original cartoon show on tv, and because of the tie to my childhood it has, I just had to start collecting The Transformers Masterpiece figures. These figures are expensive to buy, but the time between the releases usually tend to be long, so there is time to save up the money. I first started off by only getting the releases that had their own unique molds. The characters/figures that shared the same appearance and engineering, but had a different color scheme I skipped on. It wasn't untill I had finally cought up to date with all the releases that I went back and got the repaints.
- As a child I was blown away by how the cars and planes turned into robots and faught each other on the tv screen, but today as an adult, I get blown away by how far the engineering of certain toys have gotten. The Transformers Masterpiece figures are engineered so well, that they look as close to the cartoon appearances as possible in both their robot modes as well as their alternate modes. So, when I discovered these amazing figures I just had to start collecting them.
- The Transformers is a part of my childhood, and to now have high quality, masterpiece representations of these characters in my collection meens a lot to me. Its a piece of the 1980's, and a piece of my childhood, in a display cabinet in my collection room, that will forever take me down that sweet memory lane when I look at them. I hope to one day be able to have a complete collection of the figures, and maybe build a special, fully custom display cabinet for them. Untill then, I will keep my eyes out for new additions to my The Transformers Masterpiece figure collection.
- And thats the story behind why I like to collect The Transformer Masterpiece figures. So keep on visiting my website to view my full collection of these fantastic figures, as well as checking out my youtube channel for the videos.

I hope you liked my story, and thank you for reading.
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