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"Why I Collect
The Onesixth Scale Figures"
(Published: August 12th, 2019)
- As a kid back in the 80's I used to love cartoons, comicbooks and toys, just like any other kid. Some kids played with cars, trains, Legos and what not, while others played with action figures. I loved them and I had action figures from almost all of the cartoons I used to watch. As time passed by and I grew older I moved on to having other interests, just as it usually tends to happen with teenagers. Action movies and videogames became the new interests.

Years upon years with awesome sci-fi and action movies, cartoons and comics for young adults and videogames with spectacular characters and designs created a urge to have some of these characters on my shelf. - I was almost 30 years old, I think, when I was playing this videogame called "Assassin's Creed II" on my Playstation 3 consol, and I remember thinking how cool the main character looked, and I really wanted a figure representation of him on my shelf, being a huge fan of the game franchise and all. So one day I decided to go online and look for one. I found a lot of cool figures straight away, but nothing that really cought my interest, untill I discovered this really awesome, highly detailed and realistic 1/6 scale Hot Toys Ezio figure. Hot Toys? 1/6 scale? I simply had to look more into that one.

- Hot Toys was the very first toy company that only delt in these types of figures that I've ever come across in my life, and these were some truly awesome "toys". Now! When I put the word "toy" in quotes like that, I do so because these are not really toys in the sense of that word. These are more like display pieces like a statue, but with the advanced articulation of a action figure. These are expensive figures to buy, and the amount of work put into making them as realistic and accurate to their source materials makes them closer to being pieces of art and collectibles.

- Being in "1/6th scale" meens that the size of the figures are about six times smaller than a real life person, which makes a standard 1/6 scale figure stand about 12 inches tall (30 centimeters). This is a very good size for a figure because its easier to create finer and more realistic details than on a smaller figure. Another cool thing about the 1/6 scaled figures is that they are traditionally made with real fabrics on their clothes and some times with real metal items to add more realism to the figure. The reason why these figures are so expensive is because of the attention to details that are put into them, and some times the licensing properties to certain characters and real life people, depending on the figure.

- Realism and accuracy are the keywords when it comes to the 1/6 scale figures. Every little detail have to be as close to the source material as possible, and that takes time, tools and skills! This is why these 1/6th scale figures are so expensive to buy. But some brands are cheaper than others and it all depends on how much money you are willing to pay for certain figures. For me personally, the figures have to have a certain sentimental value. I love characters from my childhood comicbooks and cartoons, as well as characters from my favorite videogames and movies.

The only exeption to that rule of mine, is when it comes to female fantasy characters from one of my favorite companies, TBLeague. These are high end figures buildt on unique bodies and they are very realistic in their appearances.

- In some cases with these figures, you don't even have to be a collector to enjoy them. Certain figures can simply be representations of fameous people, such as rockstars, actors and other artists or historical people. Everyone have at least one or two favorites in one genre or another, and having Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley, etc... on a shelf should be a must have for any fans.

- In the end its all about what interests you personally. Some like superheroes, while others prefere horror villains or WW1 and 2 soldiers or various vehicles. We all have different tastes in what we like, and this hobby is not for everybody, but its well worth looking into.

- The world of 1/6th scale models and figures is diverse and the market is massive and there are many online communities to meet other like-minded people.

- I collect these figures, and I build my own custom figures as well, simply because this hobby is fun and only the imagination sets the limits to what can be achived. I can meet new friends with the same interest in the hobby and I can share the joy with others. And in the end its all about having fun!

- I hope you enjoyed reading about my hobby and how it all started for me. I encourage you to at least look into what the 1/6th scale world is all about, and maybe even give it a shot yourself. Take care and thanks for reading :)

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